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ZAK urges youth to grab every single job opportunity

ZAK urges youth to grab every single job opportunity

Hyderabad: Dr. Reddy’s Lab is a prestigious institution of India which is equally famous abroad. Working with this company is also an honour. It is a golden opportunity for the candidates aspiring to serve in pharmacy and drug making field. They can become a part of self management team of the company and can not only get training but also get job too. These views were expressed by Mr. Abbas Naqvi, Associate Director, HR, Dr. Reddy Lab while addressing on the occasion of a seminar held at Siasat office.

Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan in his presidential address told that the major problem of youth is unemployment hence they should avail every single job opportunity they come across. They have a golden opportunity of getting job in Reddy’s Lab. Young boys and girls can brighten their future by working in the prestigious institution.

Reddy’s Lab is providing training and employment to youth in collaboration with Siasat Daily and other institutions lie Helping Hand and Faiz-e-Aam Trust.

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