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ZAK kicks off ‘Human to Humanity Foundation’

ZAK kicks off ‘Human to Humanity Foundation’

Human to Humanity Foundation was kicked off by Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan at an inaugural function held here. Mr. Syed Aijaz Quadri was selected at president of HHHF, Syed Mohammed Imam Quadri as Vice president, Syed Noman Quadri as Secretary, Syed Moiz Quadri as general secretary, Syed Habeeb Imam Quadri as treasurers and Syed Azmath Quadri, Syed Iftekhar Quadri, Syed Mukarram Quadri were selected as members.

On the occasion Mr. Zahed Ali Khan lauded the selfless services of society members who are serving the Burmese refugees right from the beginning. Mr. Syed Moiz Quadri revealed that the society serves around 5000 Burmese refugees and they are treated free of cost at PRVRK hospital.

Syed Mukarram Quadri hailed the services of Siasat Daily, Mr. Zahed Ali Khan, Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Mr. Amer Ali Khan, PVRK and Sarib Rasool Khan.

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