Zahid Ali Khan declares Sayeed Shaheedi “Poet of Siasat”, addresses Centenary Celebrations

Hyderabad: Noted Urdu poet, Sayeed Shaheedi gained prominent position not only in Hyderabad but also in the entire world which no other poet got. He was very close to the founder editor of Siasat Urdu Daily, late Mr. Abid Ali Khan. He used to appreciate Sayeed Shaheedi’s poetry. Sayeed Shaheedi had predicted the present situation of society long back in his poetry. The younger generation of Urdu poets should follow his footsteps.

These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily while addressing the Centenary Celebrations of Sayeed Shaheedi held at Salarjung Museum auditorium on Sunday, 21st January. Citing his association with Sayeed Shaheedi, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan told that the Siasat Urdu Daily has the honour of publishing all his poems. In this manner, he could rightly be declared as the “Poet of Siasat”. He deserved the awards which are given by Central and State governments.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan advised the Urdu poets not to compose love poems depicting flowers and nightingales but keep in view Hindi poets whose objective is to awaken people by criticizing the latest scenario of society.

He further told that although Sayeed Shaheedi used the metaphors of electricity and abode but if we read the background of his poetry, we will come to know the realities. The poet depicted the present situation of society many years back. He also mentioned that the status of Urdu is far better in India than Pakistan. Pakistan has given only the national status to the Urdu language. He predicted that a day will come when the flags of Urdu language will hoist in entire India. He reiterated that as Govt. is determined to provide 12% reservation, in the same manner, Urdu will also get justice. He stressed the patients and guardians to visit libraries and study the language which their ancestors have written.

Noted poet and critic, Dr. Syed Taqui Abedi (Canada) commenting on “Kulliyat-e-Sayeed Shaheedi” told that he has highlighted various facets of Sayeed Shaheedi’s art of poetry who composed poems on various issues.

Prof. S.A. Shukoor, Director of Urdu Academy advised the younger generation to keep in mind the poems of Sayeed Shaheedi. He further told that the nation which overlooks its past will never progress. He mentioned that Urdu Academy has named Urdu poetry award after him.

Nawab Meer Ehteram Ali Khan, member of Salarjung Museum released the book “Aks-e-Sayeed-us-Shura”. He further told that he had intense relations with Sayeed Shaheedi. He mentioned that Dr. Taqui Abedi compiled “Kulliyat-e-Sayeed Shaheedi” which is a voluminous book.

He mentioned that noted singers Vithal Rao and Khan Athar rendered his poems in various function. Mr. Zahid Ali Khan released the CD of his poems. Mr. Rasheed Shaheedi presented his father, Sayeed Shaheedi’s poems and also conducted the meeting.

Present on this occasion were Mr. Shahzad Gulrez (Rampur), Mr. Meer Mohammed Ali Wafa (Kuwait), Mr. Nazeer Bakhri(UP), Nawab Mustafa Ali Khan, Nawab Abbas Khan, Mr. Meer Firasat Ali Bakhri. Dr. Gulam Mussafa Ahsan, Prof. Fatima Parveen (OU), Mr. Iftekhar Husaini of Faiz-e-Aam Trust and others.

–Siasat News