Zaheeruddin Ali Khan urges Muslims to vote wisely in 2019

Bhatkal: While addressing the valedictory ceremony of the workshop on journalism, Mr Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, managing director Siasat Daily stressed the need for a political vision. The valedictory session was held on Wednesday, 17 October by Majlis-e-Islah wa tanzeem, Bhatkal.

Mr Zaheeruddin Ali Khan said information is money. He urged the audience to learn English. He claimed that foreign media is in the hands of 50 lakh Jews. Similarly in India media is in the hands of Brahmins.

Mr Zaheeruddin Ali Khan maintained that Mangalore is today the 2nd headquarter of RSS. They are propagating against love Jihad to create hatred against Muslims. They want to present Muslims as monsters. He asked to identify our inside enemies as well.

Mr Khan warned that if BJP wins 2019 elections, India will no more remain a democracy. If we do mistake in 2019 the coming generation will never forgive us. He stressed the need to create voting awareness.

If we want democracy to prevail we should not only get united among ourselves but also with Dalits, SCs BCs, said, Mr Khan. He further claimed that Muslim leaders sell their community in wholesale. BJP has set foot by purchasing Muslims leaders. Muslim politicians contest to ensure BJP’s victory.

Hinting upon the voting strategy, Mr Khan said, we need to plan for the next 20 years. No political party is completely sincere in solving the problems of Muslims but the small devil is preferable to a big devil.

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