Zahed Ali Khan releases Deedar-e-Shauq

Fools’ Paradise Cultural and Welfare Society organised release ceremony of Deedar-e-Shauq, the political compilation of Mr. Abbas Ali Shauq. Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan released the book and said that Urdu was born in Delhi, brought up in Lucknow and Hyderabadis adorned it as a bride, Salarjung III gave it the status of official language.

Prof. Baig Ehsas, chief guest Mohammed Qameruddin, Dr. Mumtaz Mehdi, Dr. Javeed Kamal, Dr. Moin Amar Bamboo, Dr. M Q Saleem and Yousufuddin Yousuf also addressed on the occasion. The programme was followed by Mahfil-e-Ghazal.

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