Zabul: Residents call on Taliban to join peace

Zabul: Residents of Zabul province on Friday called on Taliban to join peace talks with the Afghanistan government to bring an end to conflicts and violence in the state.

They also urged the Afghanistan government and Taliban to reach an agreement on a ceasefire in an effort to end the war and bloodshed, reported Tolo News.

The war-torn nation has seen violence for 14 years and the residents said it was time for the Taliban to talk to the Afghan government and end the war.

Tolo quoted a Zabul resident, Abdullah as saying, “First we want a ceasefire and then peace because Afghan people cannot tolerate the war anymore.”

“All know that peace talks are underway and this will be a ‘shame’ for us that foreigners want peace for us and we are staying reluctant,” said another resident.

Residents of the region asserted that there is a need for a ceasefire as a first stage. Another Zabul resident, Ehsanullah said people wanted both sides to end the violence.

According to residents , thousands of people in Helmand Province had lost their lives in conflict that has continued for the past 17 years.