Yusuff Ali: Kerala-born self-made billionaire highest contributors to flood relief

DUBAI: M.A Yusuff Ali, a Kerala-born billionaire who has pledged financial support to flood-stricken Kerala has inspirational true rags to riches story.

61-year-old Ali, Chairman and Managing Director of the EMKE LuLu Group conducted an aerial survey of the flood-hit areas and donated 9.23 million UAE dirhams to help the rain-hit Kerala, ANI reported.

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Heading retail chain of over 140 outlets and own private aircraft and employ thousands of employees in his firm, Ali began his humble life in UAE from doing all mundane jobs such as a laborer, salesman, packing assistant, driver.

The “retail king” becomes the richest self-made billionaires through handwork and shares his blessings with the society through charitable and humanitarian gestures.

With his philanthropist personality, Ali surprised many of his business buddies both in India and Gulf. He is not only the richest Indians, Malayalis in the world but also a true follower of Islam.

Guided by the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Ali says–“Whoever goes to bed while his neighbor is hungry is not a true believer.”

Without considering the beneficiary’s religion or nationality, Ali has been doing charitable and humanitarian gestures whether it is in  the Gulf region or in his native state Kerala.

* His generous humanitarian gesture includes helping to build Hindu multi-faith crematorium or helping to find land for building a Christian church.

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*  Partnering with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Charity and Humanitarian Foundation, LuLu Group launched its Ramadan Charity Cards worth Dh. 4 million to deserving families.

*  “Lulu Hypermarket Group has donated Dh1 million to dress 25,000 needy children in support of the Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum campaign to dress one million children, especially Syrians. We have donated Dh 1 million for the UAE water Aid, Dh 2 million for the UAE Reading Nation Campaign and Dh 1 million for UAE Compassion campaign to support refugees,” Yousuf Ali revealed, reported Xpats.News.

*  Saving Non- Resident from the gallows by donating blood money to the family of the victims and giving a new lease of life.

*  Helping a rehabilitation center in Kollam that houses 1000 people –abandoned children, parents by providing food, shelter, medical aid to the helpless residents.

* His mother late Safiya Abdul Khader forced him to recruit especially those who are hailing from poor families and not much educated. He continued that legacy even after his mother’s death.

He has a special team in his office that looks at news stories of people in need –financial, medical, education or homemaking.

A strong believer in Zakat, Ali has a net worth of $6.2 billion and shares part of his blessings to uplifts the weak, sick and the poor.