YSRCP demands high level probe into data theft

Hyderabad: Amidst allegations by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu of conspiracy over IT raids, YSR Congress Party on Monday demanded a high-level inquiry into the data harvesting and data theft issue.

Countering Naidu’s allegations, YSR Congress Party told reporters that the state resident data, which his party has been collecting, was breached and not the data of TDP as was claimed.

“The data harvesting, being done by IT Grid, has been so sensitive that it has full control of the personal information of the residents of Andhra Pradesh which was provided by a mechanism created by the State through surveys by contract workers,” party MLA and PAC (Public Accounts Committee, AP Assembly) chairman Buggana Rajendernath explained to reporters here.

He added, “IT Grids (Hyderabad) and Bluefrog Technologies (Vizag) were the two favoured companies which have been patronised by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and the heads of the two companies are always seen in his office.”

YSR Congress Party also claimed that it had lodged a complaint after realising that a large number of its sympathisers’ names were deleted from the electoral rolls.

The party in a press statement said, “Our suspicion was strengthened with the Seva Mitra App recording all the personal details of the people of Andhra Pradesh and the data being segregated and manipulated by the IT Grid Company. The personal data of residents of the state is being used for the political purpose by private players which is an offence and that was what we have mentioned in our complaint (to police).”

Substantiating the party’s stand on allegations made by TDP leaders and IT Minister Nara Lokesh remark that the complaint was filed in Hyderabad as part of a conspiracy, the statement said the place of offence is Hyderabad and so the case could only be filed there.

“The case of data theft is established beyond doubt with some of the features being deleted from the Seva Mitra App including the colour photograph of the person as the Aadhar Card does not have colour photo anywhere. Along with the picture, even the mobile number, Aadhar Number and other details were detailed after February 20 which shows that the TDP government and the IT Company are guilty as charged,” the statement added.

Pointing out how the name of YSR Congress Party sympathisers got removed, the party alleged, “IT Grids has developed and controlled the Seva Mitra App and the data theft was carried out in a systematic manner by categorising the state resident data collected through the Apps which were stored and categorised into four sections under the heads of TDP, YSRCP, Neutral and Non-Residents.

That was how large number of names of YSRCP sympathisers was getting deleted as the controlling server was in Hyderabad with IT Grid Company.”

Meanwhile, condemning the IT raids at the company that provides app services to TDP, Naidu said that his party would complain to the Election Commission of India on the issue.

Condemning the raids, he raised the issue of state jurisdictions. “When the asset is in Andhra Pradesh, how can a theft case be filed in Telangana? How can cases be registered in Telangana against those who work for TDP in Andhra Pradesh?” said Naidu.

Expressing concerns over alleged cyber conspiracies on IT companies based in Hyderabad, Andhra Chief Minister Naidu said, “With such cyber conspiracies, YSRCP and TRS have pushed Hyderabad into a situation of uneasiness. Now commercial organisations have no safety in Hyderabad. Today raids are done on the companies which are providing services to TDP. Tomorrow all companies in Hyderabad may face similar raids. YSRCP and TRS are making IT companies’ scapegoats in their conspiracies.”

Earlier on Sunday, after the Hyderabad Police raided the office of the mobile app developer, Naidu had claimed that this was done after YSR Congress Party leader Vijay Sai Reddy had complained. He had also accused the opposition of stealing data.