YSRCP accuses TDP Govt of neglecting Rayalaseema

Reiterating that TDP Government has been totally neglecting Rayalaseema region, YSR Congress has said that the State has been encouraging large scale irregularities in the bidding process for irrigation projects.

‘Only TDP will have the dubious distinction of dedicating to the nation irrigation projects without water and the Pattiseema has absolutely no utility for Rayalseema and it is serving as a publicity mascot for the TDP Government which has been encouraging irregularities in the bidding process,’ party MLA G Srikanth Reddy told reporters here on Friday.

Polavaram, which was designed and the lengthy process of discussions and sanctions were cleared with YSR at the helm would have been the ideal one for Rayalaseema but the Pattiseema which benefitted only the contractors who laid pipes without going into the core issues of water to Seema from Nagarjunasagar to Srisailam and thereon remains as a disappointment to the people of the region.

‘TDP government should maintain the minimum level at Srisailam and both States have dried it up last year and there seems to be some understanding between the two states this year as well in wake of the cash for vote and other scams,’ he said.

Top officials of TDP have been actively involved in getting the tenders to the favoured few and are directly talking to other contractors to withdraw and the work is being allotted not on bidding but on nomination basis, he said.

‘We stand for the betterment of Rayalaseema and will fight it out till end and see to it that water reaches the tail-end region, he said.  (INN)