Video: YouTuber uncovers 12-million-year-old crab fossil from ancient rock

A video is going viral on social media which shows an amateur palaeontologist (someone who studies fossils) uncovering an ancient crab fossil that is said to be “12 million years old.”

New Zealand YouTuber Morne (Mamlambo Fossils on YouTube) recently uncovered a gaint 12-million-year-old crab fossil sealed in rock.

He filmed a timelapse as he intricately removed the rock enclosing the fossil.

YouTube video

“The species is a Tumidocarcinus giganteus from the mid-Miocene, around 12-million-years-ago,” he told Newsflare.

“The prep took 208 hours and the processing of the 1200GB of 4K footage took another 20 hours and I still had to edit the video itself. All in, I think I have spent 250 hours on this project!” he added.

“The final weight of the crab is 7.3kg, more than 16kg of rock was removed chip by tiny chip,” as reported by newsflare.