Youth thrashed for not giving way to BJP MLA’s son

Banswada (Rajasthan): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA from Baswara, Dhan Singh Rawat’s son Raja thrashed a man after he allgedly did not let Raja’s vehicle’s pass by.

The incident took place on June 1 in Banswara’s Vidyut Colony.

In a video footage, Raja can be seen overtaking a Swift car and blocking the road before getting off. He then opened the door of the car he overtook and dragged the driver out before unleashing a torrent of blows on him.

YouTube video

Raja was accompanied by several other men who too came out of his Scorpio car and joined Raja to beat the man.

“This happened on June 1. I was going in my car on a one-way road. They didn’t get side to overtake. We just had an argument. I don’t want to do any case. They were seven-eight people,” Neerav Upadhyay, the victim told ANI.

It’s been almost one month and not first investigation report has been filed against the MLA’s son.

“We have nothing to do whether the person is a political leader’s son or not. We have not received any case yet,” said Sub Inspector Chandan Singh. (ANI)