Youth thrashed by Hindutva activists for embracing Islam

Mangaluru: A group of miscreant belonging to Hindutva organizations thrashed a youth for embracing Islam.

24-year-old Satish Acharya from Sullia in Dakshina Kannada (Mangaluru) district has accepted Islam on his own will more than a year ago when he was working in Kerala.

Following his four-month stay at Therbiyathul Islam Sabha of Kozhikode, he was issued a certificate from the sabha on April 15, 2015 stating Satish had changed his name to Muhammed Mustakim.

Few local Hindutva leaders who came to know about his change of faith reportedly threatened him of returning to Hinduism. They also staged a protest demanding a probe into his conversion.

On Thursday, when a local politician planned a visit to Satish’s home, he decided to avoid meeting and left home in his Maruti Omni.

Some local Hindutva activists chased and waylaid his vehicle near Murooru Bridge and threatened and reportedly thrashed him.

The local police make an effort to settle the issue amicably and admitted him to KVG hospital in Sullia.

However, no case has been registered.