Youth sets himself ablaze, passengers busy in videotaping the incident

New Delhi: An unidentified Sikh youth, probably in his twenties, had set himself on fire at Sakur Basti railway station. The passersby had noticed him but none of them tried to save the victim. Instead, they were busy in taking video of the incident.

Before setting himself on fire, the youth was found roaming near the railway station, after which an hour later he took kerosene bottle from his bag and poured on himself and lit with matchstick. The incident took place at 6 pm on Sunday. The passengers reported the incident to GRP. By the time police arrived, the fire had engulfed the body and the youth was dead.

The body remained at the railway station for three hours, and the GRP and local police played blame game regarding the jurisdiction of the occurrence of area.

Aslam Khan, DCP (Northwest) said that the incident took place on the railway track and therefore it was a case of the GRP.

Parvez Ahmad, DCP, Railway, however contradicted the statement of Aslam Khan and said that the case will be looked after by the local police and also that the body was not found on the track.

An official said that nobody has come to claim the body. The body was taken to mortuary.