Youth approaches Police for his ‘stolen heart’

Nagpur: Robbery, Thefts, extortion cases usually reported in our day-to-day lives with Police within our arm’s reach tend to be the cases that can be solved, if not easily, but okay would require quite some time to recover the stolen items.

It becomes a police officer’s responsibility to recover the stolen item and return it to its true rightful owner when a victim approaches them, News18 reports.

But yet there are certain things that can’t be recovered. In such a bizarre case, a youth baffled Policemen when he came to file a complaint about his ‘stolen heart’.

The incident is reported to have taken place recently in one of the police stations in Nagpur according to a senior official said.

The youth approached the Police station to file a complaint against the girl who he claimed has “stolen” his heart and that the policemen should get it back.

The police official baffled at the situation contacted his superiors for advice in the matter.

Finally, with all that informal discussions with the superiors, they arrived at the conclusion that there is no such section under Indian laws that deal with such a complaint and had to tell the complainant that there is nothing they can do in this matter.

This unusual incident was shared by Nagpur Police Commissioner Bhushan Kumar Upadhyay last week during a programme where the police department returned stolen articles worth Rs 82 lakh to their respective owners.

Interacting with the media, Upadhyay, in a lighter vein, said, “We can return stolen articles, but sometimes we also get such complaints which even we cannot solve.”