If you’re an introvert you probably dream about your teeth falling, punching others

New Delhi: If you are one of those who are prone to nightmares or fighting a battle with insomnia, then we have some important news for you.

People tend to think that their sleep habits have to do a lot with external factors, but according to a new study, your personality can be one of the main factors that can impact your sleep at night. It is suggested that being an introvert or extrovert has the highest impact on how well you are sleeping at night, according to The Independent.

The test determines if the person is an introvert or extrovert by asking them, whether they focus more on their inner world or the outer world. The study then asked the participants to answer a series of questions on how they sleep at night and grouped their answers depending on whether they fell into the introvert or extrovert group.

The researchers found that the personality type seems to correlate with both sleep quality and what we dream about. Extroverts are more likely to sleep throughout the night without waking up and tend to have more energy during the day.

They are 17.7 % more likely to feel satisfied with their level of energy during waking hours than introverts. The research also found that our dreams get affected too. The researchers concluded that introverts are more likely to have nightmares and unclear dreams than extroverts.

The study found a difference in the content of our dreams too, with extroverts more likely to dream of travelling than introverts, whilst people who focus on the inner world are more prone to dreaming about their teeth falling out or punching something with no effect. Introverts also fall asleep when they want to stay awake more often than extroverts.