Is your ‘Big Mac Burger’ out of this world?

Washington: What if a frozen McD’s Big Mac burger lands in your garden? This happened with the members of the Colchester United Football Club in England leaving them bewildered.

The soccer club, based in England, much to their bemusement, discovered a contraption having a Styrofoam box, parachute, a GoPro and the uncanny burger, reported People.

They took to Twitter sharing this unusual experience. The club claimed that after they posted on Twitter, they got a call from a man claiming the packet to be his and he had sent it to space.

The man turned out to be a Youtuber (Killem) with a subscriber base of 2.7 million. He told the soccer club that the burger was sent to space and he is coming to receive it.

Tom Stanniland aka Killem, attached a GoPro to the packet to document the trip. He sent it on a weather balloon. Much to everyone’s amaze, he attached a GPS tracking device along with.
Why Killem thought of such an experiment?

He wanted to survey if a burger returned from space would taste the same.

After getting back his burger, he took a quick bite. Further explaining that he took care that the burger stays glued to the Styrofoam box but leaving a part of it untouched.

He later shared the video on his YouTube channel, exclaiming, “I have eaten a burger from space.”

McDonald UK responded to his unearthly experiment and tweeted, “We always knew the Big Mac was out of this world.”