Youngsters too now suffering from early eye damage.

Hyderabad: According to a recent study conducted in Hyderabad by a private medical college says people starring at computer’s and smart phones for 8 to 10 hrs on daily basis are suffering from early optical nerve degeneration in their eyes.

The rise in intraocular pressure is highly seen in the eyes of people working daily for 8-10hrs on computers. The study conducted on 150 people of which 58 men and 12 women had high intraocular pressure.

The fluid pressure inside the eye due to the presence of aqueous humor in the eye is the intraocular pressure. The normal range of IOP is 10 to 20 mm of Hg and is maintained at this level throughout life in both men and women.

Constant starring for longer hours at computers, laptops, smartphones, gradually increases this intraocular pressure in the eyes which is damaging the optical nerves. Black spots called scotomas which appear in the field of vision is a cause of great concern in people complaining about it says ophthalmologists. The left eye has higher values of intraocular pressure than the right eye. Now commonly seen in youngsters too this is becoming a rising concern for all generations.

Dr B Sridhar, senior ophthalmologist explained, “Focusing on one object requires the eye to accommodate properly.This affects the lens and also its diameter changes pushing the iris which is a temporary hindrance. But as the activity continues for hours together, the IOP slowly rises and slowly damages the nerves.”

Practicing yoga for the eyes, simple methods of gazing away from the screen at far-away objects, relaxation techniques for eyes should be practised every now and then daily, according to Deccan Chronicle.