Young Brazilians more susceptible to cancer: Study

New Delhi: Cancer is the most prevalent disease in Brazil and young Brazilians are more susceptible to this lethal illness, says a study.

The study issued on Friday said over 17,500 Brazilians aged 15 to 29 died of cancer from 2009 to 2013, accounting for 5 per cent of all deaths on the age group. It was only surpassed by deaths caused by violence and accidents, Xinhua news agency reported.

Among Brazilians aged 1-14, cancer was the leading cause of death by disease as well.

Data from the INCA indicated that the most common tumours in teenagers and young adults were carcinomas, followed by lymphomas and skin tumours.

Carcinomas were frequently found in the urinary and reproductive system, thyroid, breast, head and neck.

Among Brazilian women aged 15 to 29, cervical cancer was the most common disease.

Brazil has already started to take steps to curb the disease by establishing nationwide campaigns to vaccinate children against the human papilloma virus (HPV), which was the cause of most cervical cancer cases.

To prevent cancer, doctors also recommended precaution measures including avoiding smoking, having a healthy diet and not exposing oneself to the sun in excess.

The INCA expects about 600,000 new cases of cancer in Brazil this year. About a third of them are estimated to be skin tumours.