You’ll have to wait `100 yrs` to watch Robert Rodriguez’s ‘futuristic’ flick

London : This year, Cannes will host a film that none of us will ever get to see as it isn’t going to be formally released for another 100 years.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez, ‘100 Years’ starring John Malkovich, will be arriving in a special safe, which is programmed to open “automatically in 100 years when the timing is complete… to ensure that 100 Years remains secure until its official premiere,” reports the Independent.

Reportedly, General delegate of Cannes Film Festival Thierry Fremaux has deemed Rodriguez’s film as “an innovative cinematographic project.”

“I hope that our descendants will consider the movie 100 Years for the Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival in 2116,” he added.

Speaking in a behind-the-scenes clip, Malkovich said that a part of the notion inherent in this is to try to imagine what the world will be like in 100 years.

“I was intrigued by the concept of working on a film that nobody would ever see in my lifetime,” added the director. (ANI)