‘You, slaves of United States’: Man interrupts Saudi Imam during lecture

Geneva: Imam of Makkah’s Grand Mosque, Abdul Rahman Sudais was heckled by an Algerian lawyer and activist at the Islamic Center in Geneva during a lecture on peace and Saudi Arabia’s efforts on achieving peace alongside the United States. The video went viral on social media. The Algerian man who was later identified as Yakhlef Salah Eddin, shouted “You, slaves of the US. We won’t obey you from this moment. You are the preachers of falsehood.”

He asked Imam “How do you lecture us on peace and security while you are causing hunger to our brothers in Yemen and Qatar?”

The man was urged to stop by the gathering but he paid no heed to them and said he won’t stay silent over the injustice of those who “glorify kings over their people”.

Although the video received mixed reactions on social media, yet majority saluted his courage to express the truth.

Here is the video: