You shouldn’t look like homeless beggars in ripped jeans: Kangana

Mumbai: Actress Kangana Ranaut on Thursday joined the social media conversation that has followed Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat’s controversial comment about women wearing ripped jeans.

However, unlike other celebrities, Kangana has not criticised Chief Minister Rawat. Instead she shared photographs of herself wearing ripped jeans on Twitter and offered a fashion tip to youngsters.

“If you want to wear ripped jeans make sure coolness quotient is of this magnitude as in these pics, so that it looks like your style not your state a homeless beggar who hasn’t got allowance from parents this month, most young people look like that these days,” Kangana wrote on Twitter, using the hashtag #RippedJeansTwitter.

The hashtag started trending on Twitter after Chief Minister Rawat commented on women wearing ripped jeans earlier this week.

He spoke about a female co-passenger on board a flight with him once, who was wearing ripped jeans and runs an NGO. Describing her attire, the Chief Minister questioned what kind of “sanskar” (values) the woman is going to give wearing ripped jeans and showing her knees.