You contest elections to win, not to be a good boy: Imran Khan

Karachi: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan while dwelling upon the country’s complex political realities, said, “You contest elections to win. You don’t contest elections to be a good boy.”

“I want to win. I am fighting elections in Pakistan, not Europe. I can’t import European politicians,” Khan further said in an interview with Dawn during his election campaign in Karachi on Wednesday.

The cricketer-turned-politician underscored the significance of manpower and financial resources for a successful election campaign.

“After 1997, I came to the conclusion that unless we took people in the party who know the art of winning the election, we will not be able to succeed. In Pakistan, you need money and thousands of trained polling agents who can bring out people on the day of elections. If you do not have those workers, you cannot contest the election,” the report quoted him, as saying.

On a related note, Khan on Wednesday faced a protest in Karachi by voters.
He is on a visit to the metropolis as part of his election campaign.