You can find your iPhone when it’s turned off as well with iOS 15

San Francisco: With the new iOS 15, your iPhone is still traceable through the Find My network even if your phone is switched off.

The new ‘Find My network’ capabilities should come in numerous scenarios, including when an iPhone has run low on battery power or a thief has turned the phone off. Currently, by enabling the Find My network setting – an additional capability beyond Find My iPhone – users can locate an iPhone when it’s offline, as well as AirTags, but not when the iPhone is powered off.

You can change this “Find My network” functionality by going to Find My in Settings.

To disable this functionality you need to turn off the ‘Find My network’ toggle in Settings. This means your device will not locate accessories belonging to other users and your iPhone will not be findable by others.

Find My introduces new capabilities to help locate a device that has been turned off or erased, as well as live-streaming locations for family and friends who choose to share their location. Separation Alerts notify a user if they leave an AirTag, Apple device, or Find My network accessory behind in an unfamiliar location, and the Find My network now supports AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. A new Find My widget offers an at-a-glance view directly from the Home Screen. 

The developer preview of iOS 15 is available to Apple Developer Programme members now and a public beta will be available to iOS users next month.