Yogi’s claims in UP are bogus: Priyanka

Bhadohi: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Tuesday slammed Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on completing two years in power, saying his report card reads well but nothing has really been achieved.

“I have been meeting every section of society, including farmers and Anganwadi workers. All are in distress. They have got nothing,” Gandhi said here.

“There is a difference between the reality and what they speak. Yogi’s report card promotion sounds good but there is nothing on ground,” she said.

Referring to the Chief Minister’s claim that the Congress had ruled Uttar Pradesh for most years since independence, she said: “What did they (Congress) do in 70 years argument also has an expiry date. Now they (BJP) should tell us what they have done in five years (since Modi took power).”