Yogi govt. takes U turn: No plan to implement dress code in madrasas

Lucknow: Senior minister in Yogi Government on Wednesday said that there is no plan under consideration to implement dress-code in madrasas. The cabinet minister for minority welfare even said that he didn’t know on what basis Mohsin Raza has said such thing. The U-turn of Yogi Government has sparked a debate whether the senior and junior ministers of the government lack coordination that a junior minister gave such a big statement without consulting his senior.

It must be noted that the only Muslim minister in the yogi government, Minister for Awqaf and Hajj Mohsin Raza had told that dress code will be implemented in madrasas which are under Madrasa Board. He said the aim of the UP government is to bring madrasas on par with other educational institutions in every sense. Till now, students in madrasas have been wearing ‘kurta-pyjamas’ but now this dress code will make it more formal. Mohsin Raza had said the current dressing style of madrasa students reflects a clear demarcation between them and the students of other schools which will come to an end now.

However, Minority Welfare Minister Laxmi Narayan Chaudhry said there is no such proposal before the government regarding dress code in madrasas. He wondered why Mohsin Raza said all this without consulting him. It could be his (Raza’s) own opinion but there is no such proposal by the government, he said.