Yogi govt. gives big push to cow, Hindu places of worship

Lucknow: Just ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Uttar Pradesh government on Thursday presented a 4.79 lakh crore budget. Uttar Pradesh Finance minister Rajesh Agarwal presented the 2019-20 budget in the state assembly.

Special attention has been given to cow welfare in the budget. Apart from the estimated revenue of Rs 165 crore from a special excise cess which will be used to construct and maintain destitute cattle sheds, the budget proposes Rs 247.60 crore for maintenance and construction of gaushalas in the rural areas.

A sum of Rs 200 crore has also been kept for Kanha Gaushalas and destitute cattle shelters in urban areas, and Rs 20 crore for establishment and reconstruction of cattle impounding houses.

The government also proposes to set up a new dairy in Mathura at a cost of Rs 56 crore.

The budget allocates Rs 300 crore for development of shrines. Rs 207 crore has been allocated for development and maintenance of the corridor from Ganga Ghat to Kashi Vishwanath temple.

With inputs from ANI & IANS