Yogi Adityanath’s maiden month as UP CM at a glance

New delhi: Having earned the credit for securing the minority vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, firebrand leader Yogi Adityanath’s ascension to the throne of the state came as no surprise.

But considering his old remarks, which managed to give enough fodder to the opposing parties to attack him on the lines of ‘divisive politics,’ it set many tongues wagging in the political circles.

While many leaders dubbed this development path-breaking calling it a master-stroke on the saffron party’s part, some expressed doubt over appointing a staunch-Hindutva leader in a state that boasts of a sizeable proportion of Muslim population – a double-edged sword that could go either way for the BJP, especially when the saffron party is keeping an eye over 2019.

But considering the past one month, Adityanath has managed to keep people surprised, happily at that, even his detractors.

Crackdown on illegal slaughterhouses: The ban on legal as well as illegal abattoirs was one of the main agendas of the BJP manifesto in the recently concluded elections. And keeping his word, a day after he took charge as the chief minister, illegal slaughterhouses were sealed in Allahabad and other places across the state.
Following this, several BJP-ruled states followed suit and banned illegal abattoirs, establishing agreement with Adityanath’s way of functioning.

Anti-romeo squads: A move that invited wrath of many, the establishment of the security groups inspired Haryana to set up their ‘Operation Durga’ in the state.

Farmer loans worth Rs. 36,359 crore waived: Adityanath gave a big relief to small and marginal farmers in the state by waiving off farmer loans worth Rs. 36,359 crore.

Crackdown on VIP culture: Adityanath urged all his ministerial colleagues to shun siren and hooters and red beacons atop vehicles.

18-hour continuous electricity to rural areas: Adityanath promised to ensure a continuous supply of electricity to rural areas in the state, that would extend up to 18 hours.

Adityanath’s recent remarks about triple talaq have also stirred a positive storm in the state. He had said that those remaining silent are equally responsible as those practising the age-old tradition.

Several Muslim clerics and the people, in general, have rallied behind their Chief Minister after the statement made news for all the right purposes.

In wake of this, Adityanath’s ascension to the throne of the state has moved sideways from under the scanner, especially of those who have been accusing the saffron party of playing along divisive lines.

The Chief Ministership, starting from today – when Adityanath completes a month of his appointment, can be a redemption of abdication, in a way that the Muslims can find a safe abode for them in the north of India.

A lot was at stake at Adityanath’s promotion, and a lot remains; more so in consideration with the 2019 General Elections that stand to decide the fate of the BJP in the country.