Yogi Adityanath, not demonetisation, is PM Modi’s biggest blunder: Shekhar Gupta

Noted Indian journalist Shekhar Gupta says the Punjabi metaphor ‘one who’s a disaster in Lahore, will also be a disaster in Peshawar’ perfectly fits Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. In his article published in Hindustan Times, Mr Gupta says, Yogi ‘is going around rabble-rousing in other states as the BJP’s Grand National Polariser.’

The writer further added, “So far, I had maintained that Narendra Modi’s biggest blunder as prime minister was demonetisation. I have changed my mind….. Modi erred in gifting away that incredible success to Yogi Adityanath who no one had voted for.’

Shekhar says while ‘demonetisation broke his government’s economic momentum. Yogi Adityanath may wreck his immediate political future. Therefore, it pushes demonetisation to the number two spot.’

Shekhar claimed that Adityanath was doing his job of polarisation much too well, not just Uttar Pradesh but also the rest of the country. Claiming that ‘Yogi is building on his ideal of Muslim-mukt Uttar Pradesh. He is also hoping to export it to other states’ Shekhar states, ‘actually, his Ali versus Bajrang Bali, Hanuman-is-a-Dalit, Owaisi-will-have-to-leave-India, Hyderabad-will-become-Bhagyanagar, who-killed-the-cow after his police inspector was killed in a mere “accident” etc., may not have embarrassed his leaders.