Yogi Adityanath: BJP workers should sincerely abide by the law

Bundelkhand: While addressing a gathering, UP CM said: “BJP workers should not take law in their hands. When there is a disconnect over the developmental policies, they should consult their office bearers,” The Indian Express reported.

He educated the workers over the new schemes of irrigation. He also said that if anything is going wrong, it’s their duty to inform the concerned officials. He told that the collaboration only can manufacture betterment.

Adityanath also informed them that the government is planning to connect Bundelkhand with New Delhi via a 6-lane route. Which will bring employment for the local youth by attracting the industrialist to work in their region.

When he arrived this morning, he inspected the hospital. He also visited a school and Krishi Mandi at Kanpur highway.

According to the manifesto of assembly elections 2017, all round development will be done in Bundelkhand. Excluding to this, manifesto contains a budget of 47 crores to be allocated for the conservation of ponds and providence of drinking water.