Here is how Yoga Day is set to go down across the globe

New Delhi: The World Day of Yoga has cut across the barriers of the international borders and is being celebrated with great fervour across the globe.

This year, more than 135 countries will participate in the International Day of Yoga celebrations across the world, according to an official video.

Here’s how different cities across the globe are going to celebrate the second International Yoga Day.

New York:

Several striking images of complex Yoga postures including Surya Namaskar, illuminated the United Nations Headquarters as the world body gears up to celebrate the second International Yoga Day.

In a unique demonstration of how yoga can promote peace, more than 7,000 Indian peacekeepers are expected to join in the celebrations.

“Sadhguru” Jaggi Vasudev will lead the celebrations at the circle in front of the glass-fronted UN headquarters tower by holding a session of simple yoga practice and yogic chants.

General Assembly President Morgens Lykketoft is to be the chief guest at the event and Cristina Gallach, the Under Secretary General for Communication and Public Information, a featured speaker.

A large number of yoga studios are offering free demonstration classes and giving incentives for people to join their classes.

Indian classical dances and demonstration of popular Yoga asanas on the lawns of magnificent US Congress are being practiced as part of week-long International Day of Yoga celebrations.


To protect health and to reduce mental stress, World Yoga Day is going to be held for the second time in neighbouring Bangladesh too.

A yoga exercise programme has been arranged by the Indian High Commission in Dhaka.


High Commission of India and the Indian government’s Tourist Office in London, in collaboration with 14 British Yoga institutions had yesterday organised the day-long event at Potters Fields Park, near the iconic Tower Bridge. Organisations like the Iyengar Yoga Institute have organised free yoga classes.

Hundreds of thousands of Yoga lovers from Britain to Australia rolled out mats in the last two days to practice complex Yoga postures.

In South Africa, thousands gathered at more than a dozen venues across the country.

Yoga and meditation sessions were also organised across major Australian cities including Canberra and Melbourne with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull hailing Yoga as one of India’s gifts to the world.

On the first International Yoga Day last year, Prime Minister Modi led thousands of people through various yogic exercises at Rajpath in New Delhi.

With it, India created two records: largest yoga class with 35,985 people and most nationalities (84) participating in a single yoga event. (ANI)