‘Yoga Day’ planned for Siachen soldiers

Siachen: The Indian army soldiers at the Siachen base camp are all set to take the ‘Yoga’ mats on June 21.
The fourth International Yoga Day celebration, from Isha Foundation’s Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, is expected to be attended by more than 200 soldiers.

Prior to Sadhguru’s visit, a group of Hatha yoga teachers will conduct yoga sessions, specially designed for people living in higher altitudes, every day.

Sadhguru is expected to speak to the soldiers on a range of issues, particularly the importance of Yoga for health, well-being and inner balance at high altitudes.

Ahead of his visit, Sadhguru said, “It will be a privilege to be at Siachen on this very special occasion of International Day of Yoga. Our soldiers posted in high altitudes, particularly in Siachen, one of the most challenging and vulnerable battlefields on the planet, put their lives at stake to protect the nation. It is paramount to equip them with Yogic tools of transformation for health, inner balance and well-being on all levels.”

The session will focus on helping people with severe health complications including high altitude pulmonary edema, acute mountain sickness, frostbite chill burns, hypothermia, and snow blindness. (ANI)