Yoga can help people in post-COVID recovery: CM Kejriwal

New Delhi: Practising yoga and meditation can not only improve immunity but also help in post-Covid recovery, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Sunday.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Centre for Meditation and Yoga Sciences here on the eve of International Day of Yoga, Kejriwal said in these difficult times, people are feeling the need for yoga more than ever.

“In these difficult times, people are feeling the need for yoga more than ever. Yoga can not only help improve immunity in the body but it also helps in recovery post-covid.

“Those who have survived a strong case of COVID-19, need to rebuild their physical and mental health. Yoga and meditation can do that,” the chief minister said.

The Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences Research University (DPSRU) will offer a diploma course in Meditation and Yoga Sciences at the centre, he said.

The one year (three trimester) program currently has 450 yoga instructors under training.

“We keep hearing people talking about taking yoga to people, making yoga a ‘jan andolan’, a people’s movement. India has taught yoga to the world, but how many people in India practise yoga,” the chief minister said.

He added that by October 2, the yoga instructors will be ready to teach the people of Delhi after three months of aggressive training.

“After that if a group of 20-30 people from a locality want to learn yoga, we will provide them with instructors,” he said.

While the main centre for this diploma course will be housed at DPSRU, several satellite centres will also be set up across Delhi schools which will host two-hour evening sessions three days a week.

Any student who has taken any stream in Class 12 can opt for this diploma course after graduating from school, the Delhi government had earlier said.