One child killed, 2 injured in celebratory firing in Bihar

ARRAH (Bihar): A day after a class twelfth girl lost her life in a celebratory firing in Delhi’s Mangolpuri, a 10-year-old child was killed and two others were grievously injured due to firing as part of a wedding procession in Bihar’s Arrah yesterday.

According to reports, the children were standing in their balcony to watch the wedding procession when a bullet struck them. The three injured children were rushed to a hospital after which one of them succumbed to his injuries.

Aghast by the death of their child, the family members of the deceased 10-year-old vented their ire at the hospital’s medical staff, accusing them of negligence.

Earlier in Delhi, Anjali succumbed to her injuries after she was shot at during celebratory firing at a wedding procession. She was critically injured last Saturday after a stray bullet hit her as she watched the wedding procession pass by.

Reacting to increasing cases of deaths due to celebratory firing, former IPS officer and BJP leader Kiran Bedi yesterday asserted that such incidents were the reflection of a lawless culture and called for stricter and harsher punishment for those who indulged in such activities.