“Yes, I slept with Afridi” – Arshi Khan’s statement triggers threats from Afridi fans

Bhopal based Afghan model and actress Arshi Khan’s name has been hitting the headlines these days for being involved in many controversies. She confessed that she had an affair with Pakistani cricketer, Shahid Afridi. She confessed, “Yes, I slept with Afridi. So what? Do I need anybody’s permission to do so? I am single and not married. I can sleep with a man if I like him. I like Afridi and it was love at first sight. Even Afridi responded to my feelings. I had first met him at The Taj Mahal Hotel at Colaba in Mumbai.”

Arshi Khan said that she had been receiving threatening calls from Pakistani Media to end her life. She tried not to disclose her affair with Afridi since he is a married person. She was perturbed that even the Indian have been threatening her to throw acid on her face.

Arshi Khan also spoke ill about Radhe Maa and said that she did not fall into her trap as she was not doing good work.