Yemen’s Houthi militia launches sixth missile attack over Riyadh

Riyadh: Two missiles launched by Yemen’s Houthi militia over Riyadh were intercepted by Saudi Arabia, Reuters reported.

Shrapnel was spotted on a street in the diplomatic area where most of the embassies and foreign delegations stay, Middle East Monitor reported.

A Reuters witness said at least six loud blasts were heard along with bright flashes in the sky over Riyadh.

Turki al-Malki coalition spokesman in an official statement said: “Saudi Royal Air Defence Forces intercepted and destroyed the missiles. Some of the debris of the intercepted missiles landed on residential areas, thankfully without causing any casualties.”

Houthi-run al-Masirah television reported Burkan missiles were fired at the Saudi defence ministry and other targets.

Ever since Saudi-led coalition launched an offensive operation in conquering Yemen’s Hodeidah port city the main supply of Houthis, the Houthis have been targeting the Kingdom in recent months, launching series of missiles into the Kingdom.

The Sunday’s missile attack was followed by heavy security and fire trucks presence in the diplomatic quarter.

This was sixth missile attack on Riyadh since December, reports say.

“The longer the aggression and war continue, the greater our ballistic missile capabilities,” Al Mayadeen TV quoted Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdul-Salam as saying.

Riyadh has accused the Houthis of illegally smuggling Iranian-made weapons and missiles which were denied by the Houthis and Tehran.