Yemen’s al-Dhaher district in Saada liberated from Houthis

Saada [Yemen]: The Yemeni army has liberated the al-Dhaher district here from the Houthi militia, as the armed forces head towards the Hidan directorate, which is another rebel stronghold.

The army’s media centre said that the forces, along with the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, liberated the al-Malahit front and the strategic Maran triangle as well. A government building complex has also been freed by the armed forces to take complete charge of the district from armed rebels.

“Following the continuation of advancements in the eastern direction of the Directorate of al-Malahit, our armed forces were able to liberate a major factory, while in the northern side, a number of strategic sites were controlled, including command posts, that represented the most important reinforcements of the Houthi coup militias,” Al Arabiya stated while quoting military sources.

The Arab-led coalition’s aircrafts targeted numerous Houthi supplementaries throughout the district in Saada, as fighting continued for the second day at Baqim.

The war-torn region has been engulfed in a conflict since 2015, with regular clashes between Houthi militia and the Saudi-led and US-backed Arab coalition. Around 10,000 lives have been claimed in conflict till now as a raging food crisis in the middle-east nation has caused widespread malnutrition and the death of children.

USA’s Secretary of State Michael Pompeo has called for a peaceful solution in Yemen, while US Defence Secretary James Mattis has called a ceasefire between both the forces amid an international outcry over the food crisis and continuous war, which has ravaged the nation.

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