Yemen: 40 prisoners, Houthi rebels killed in airstrike

Sanaa: At least 40 people, including prisoners and Houthi rebels, were killed in an airstrike by the Saudi Arabia-led Arab coalition on a Yemeni prison on Sunday.

Security sources told Efe news that the alliance aircraft bombed a prison in Mulhaq situated in a police complex near the Al Hodeida port on the Red Sea.

The aircraft launched three attacks that shattered the Houthi-controlled security facilities including the prison situated north of the port.

According to sources, at least 120 people were held in the jail at the time of the bombing.

The attack comes a day after Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi rejected a new United Nations peace initiative, which he said would only lead to more war and destruction.

Arab coalition aircraft, fighting on the side of President Hadi, have frequently targeted civilians in their fight against the Houthi rebels trying to seize control of the country.

On October 8, coalition units bombed a funeral, reportedly killing 140 people.