‘Yellow vest’ protests enter 16th week in France

Paris: Around 5,000 people across France took to the streets on Saturday as part of the yellow vest demonstrations which have been going on since November 17 last year.

Local media reported that French police detained nine protesters and tear gas was fired by security personnel in Nantes following clashes with agitators.

Around 1,300 people gathered in Paris alone for the demonstrations, reports Sputnik, as the protests entered their 16th week.

The Emmanuel Macron-led government had previously scrapped the proposed hike in fuel prices, which had initially triggered the protests. Macron further introduced a string of initiatives, including increasing the minimum wage by 100 euros a month, as part of his ‘economic and social emergency plan’ unveiled in December last year.

The protesters have continued their agitations regardless and demanded a 20 per cent hike in minimum wages, equal pay for men and women, tax reform, development of public services and just environmental reforms, during subsequent protests.

However, there has been a marked decrease in the number of agitators, with the French Interior Ministry noting that around 41,500 people took to the streets during the last protests, in contrast to the 2,82,000 people who had protested during the initial phase of the yellow vest movement.