‘Yellow vest’ protestors destroy toll booths, occupy highways across France

Paris: The ‘yellow vest’ protestors have vandalized toll booths and occupied highways across France, as demonstrations continue in the nation despite concessions given by President Emmanuel Macron to defuse the situation.

Vinci Autoroutes, that manages around 4,400 kilometres of roads and highways in the nation issued a statement reporting that they have suffered damages to the tune of “tens of millions of euros”.

They further issued warnings to commuters to be careful while using their highways and stated, “Assembly points are still in place. Inform yourself before taking the road and postpone your journey if necessary,” in French.
Demonstrators have been protesting against rising fuel prices since November 17 as similar protests have spread to the Netherlands, Canada and Belgium amongst other places.

Macron had earlier rolled out the “economic and social emergency plan” in the wake of the protests, wherein he increased the minimum wage of the people along with scrapping the hike in fuel prices. Protestors had claimed that it would not be enough to stop further protests.