Year-long emergency declared in Sudan

Khartoum [Sudan]: A year-long emergency has been declared in Sudan by President Omar al-Bashir on Friday (local time) following continued anti-government protests in the nation since December.

Furthermore, federal and state governments have been dissolved by Bashir, reports Anadolu Agency.

Sudan’s Intelligence Chief Salah Abdallah Gosh had earlier told reporters here of Bashir’s intent, adding that the incumbent Sudanese President would be stepping down as the Chairman of the ruling National Congress Party. He also added that Bashir would refrain from seeking a new term as President in the polls slated to be held in 2020.

Around 31 people have lost their lives ever since the protests started two months back, according to official figures. The opposition, however, has put the number of deceased at 50.

Demonstrators have been agitating against Bashir’s failure to take the nation out of economic woes ever since South Sudan seceded in 2011.