The year Indian comedians went political

There was a time when comedians would not like to touch sensitive or political matters. However, the situation today has changed. The young comedians criticize political moves in the best way possible, giving them a witty turn.

But like always, there is a biased response received. Shyam Rangeela’s show was not aired just because he prepared a mimicry of PM Modi.

“Stand up comics still hesitate to crack too many jokes about Modi, though it is much better than last year, when they were a strict no-no. It was too much of a risk to take,” a noted stand-up comic told a journalist of The Wire.

Cracking jokes on Aam Aadmi Party or Congress is not a big concern, but when it comes to Modi jokes, several get offended.

Watch these humorous yet critical videos:

Dhruv Rathee, a Youtuber with his facts handy, speaks about political issues in a satirical tone,

Vipul Goyal, a stand-up comedian speaks on demonetisation, EVM tempering and taxes in this stand-up.

Another group named ‘East India Comedy’ performs songs on various current issues and add charm to their parodies with mild actions.

There can be two scenarios now, either we got better comedians this year, or the comedians got better content from ‘our politicians’.