Yamaha holds World Technician Grand Prix contest

Tokyo [Japan]: The finals of world’s top motorcycle mechanic competition were held at the head office of “Yamaha Motor” in Japan.

34,000 mechanics from 21 countries participated in “World Technician Grand Prix” and 21 mechanics went ahead to the final round.

By encouraging motorcycle mechanics to acquire higher skills, Yamaha aims to revitalise the entire motorcycle industry and improve the level of mechanics, based on the continuation of great mechanics and improvement of Yamaha’s customer satisfaction and after-sales service.

Katsuaki Watnabe, Yamaha vice-president said, “You must be proud of yourself, of course, and I hope that this World Technician Grand Prix can be an opportunity to further improve your skill and knowledge.”

The World Technician Grand Prix has two competitions – “Customer relations” and “technical skills”. Competition vehicles include “Sports Model Class” and “Commuter model class”.

In the technical skills competition, mechanics should discover and repair trap trouble within the time limit. One of the participating mechanics checks wiring and repairs engine that does not start.

The mechanic connects Yamaha’s unique fault diagnosis tool especially developed for motorcycles to diagnose whether the performance of the motorcycle is defective. Whether to use certain tools and organize them by end of the competition is among examiner’s checklists.

After repair and diagnosis, the mechanic cleans up the motorcycle for the customer.

In commuter model class, the third winner is Dinh Khac Quy from Vietnam. The second winner is Ardhi Sulistyo Haryo Prakoso from Indonesia. The champion is Wu Chang Wei from Taiwan.

Yoshihiro Hidaka, President of Yamaha Motor, said, “I expect you to keep trying to improve both your mechanical skill and your customer relation skill so that we can further increase the number of Yamaha fans worldwide.

Let’s keep on this challenge together. I hope to see you again at the next 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.”

The maintenance technology cultivated in various regional environments and striving for customer satisfaction can achieve the safety of riding and enjoyment for bike riders.