Yamaha helps Cambodia in combating water woes

Siem Reap: Cambodia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but the paucity of safe drinking water haunts the people. For them now there is something to cheer about as ‘Clean Water Supply System’ developed by Yamaha Motor Company is making a positive difference in their life.

Yamaha Clean Water Supply System, named “Slow Sand Filtration” is based on a water purification system found in nature. Raw water from rivers is pumped into tanks and purified through processes such as physical and biological filtration. One of the strong points of this feature is the concept of “sustainability for local communities by their own operation.”

Mongkul Borey Referral Hospital is located about 100 km away from Siem Reap, which is the capital city of northwestern Cambodia, and was established with the support of the Official Development Assistance (ODA), an arm of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan. A number of patients and pregnant women come to this hospital from rural areas to see doctors and receive good medical care after falling ill due to contaminated water consumed by them.

“As the entire the system is automatic, it is very user-friendly. The machine just pumps raw water from rivers and filters it by itself using the filtration process. It is completely self-managed and easy to maintain. We do not need so many workers. I only need to clean the machine itself and then it can be operated by the local community,” stated local management staff of the hospital.

This supply system has no need for filter exchange or maintenance by a professional engineer. The local community can manage the system on their own. The water filtered by ‘Yamaha Clean Water System’ is mainly used at places such as operating room and obstetrics ward where sanitary water is always indispensably required.

Chan Vithinavuth, a doctor at Mongkul Borei Referral Hospital, said, “Ever since the Yamaha Clean Water System has been installed in the hospital, the quality of water has changed a lot.”

Yamaha Motor official Ryosuke Nishijima said, “Yamaha Motor developed its own ‘Clean Water Supply System’ to support and improve life within regions where safe water is not guaranteed. We are now speeding up installation efforts in Asia and Africa. We would like to continue to focus on activities for the realization of a world where no one is devoid of a safe drinking water facility.”