Yakub Memon’s last call to his daughter Zubaida

Nagpur Central Jail allowed Yakub his last wish — a phone call to his 21-year-old daughter, Zubaida.

The jail staff dialed Zubaida’s number and handed the phone to him. Sources present said Yakub broke down on hearing his daughter’s voice. Zubaida too couldn’t hold back her tears. Both remained silent for a few moments before Yakub regained enough composure to talk.

“I wanted to see you getting married and settling down happily, but now I won’t be there to see that moment. I am sorry. I haven’t done anything which will bring shame to our family. I was never involved in anything. Take care of your mother,” Yakub managed to say before hanging up for the last time.

He, however, managed to leave a will, which sources said mentions Zubaida alone. It is not known if this will was handed over to his brother Suleiman or given to the police. Yakub also bid farewell to his fellow convicts and apologized to them for any indiscretion on his part. According to the police, he was heard telling them that he has no hope now. “Ab toh Allah hi malik hai,” he said. A part of his last hours were spent recollecting the time when he lived in Mahim with his family, and how he landed in trouble because of his brother Mushtaq ‘Tiger’ Memon. “Allah usey kabhi maaf nahi karega. Kaash ki woh mera bhai na hota,” he said.