Yahoo Mail launches app for Android ‘Go’ phones

New Delhi: Oath Inc on Wednesday announced that Yahoo Mail is bringing a new application optimised for entry-level Android “Go” smartphones and a new version of its mobile website.

Oath Inc is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications that is the umbrella company of digital content subdivisions including AOL and Yahoo.

The Yahoo Mail Go app delivers the same features of the current Android application while keeping the RAM usage on devices below 50MB and the install size below 10MB.

“The original Yahoo Mail app is already extremely lightweight so we didn’t have to remove major features to reduce the standard Yahoo Mail app size for Go,” the company said in a statement.

“The Go app uses the exact same architecture as the standard Yahoo Mail app,” it added.

The company also announced a design overhaul that brings many of the same features that are available for its mobile app users.

“In addition to the dramatic feature and design updates, what’s changed for Yahoo Mail on mobile browser behind the scenes is equally as notable. The architecture supporting the new browser experience is the same as our modern desktop tech stack which is developed on ‘React’ and ‘Redux’,” the company said.

Notably, the new version has no reloads which makes all actions such as deleting emails, marking them as read or as spam, emptying trash, instant.