“Yahin Pyaas lagi thi na” says attacker while stabbing friend’s throat

“Yahin Pyaas lagi thi na” says attacker while stabbing friend’s throat

New Delhi: A 23-year-old youth was allegedly stabbed in the throat to death over a petty fight, as simple as, sharing water bottle in New Delhi.

The shocking incident is reported from New Delhi’s Bharat Nagar, where the deceased identified as Sagar was stabbed in the throat in front of his wife on Wednesday night after Sagar got into a heated argument with his old friend over sharing a water bottle, Times now reported.

When Sagar asked his old friend Gaurav (20) to share his bottle of water with him, his friend refused to do so which led to an argument between the two which irked the attacker so much that he stabbed Sagar in his throat multiple times.

The attacker has not just stabbed once but kept on stabbing Sagar and kept on asking him: “Yahi pyaas lagi thi na? (Is this where you were thirsty?)”.

The whole crime was witnessed by the deceased’s wife Kirti who said the attacker was in a maddening rage to kill her husband according to a TOI’s report.

The attacker later fled the scene but was arrested by the DCP (northwest) Aslam Khan, when he was trying to flee from the city.

Narrating the incident, Kirti said the incident happened when the couple was out for a stroll at midnight and forgot to carry a water bottle.

Since the couple had no money to purchase a water bottle, her husband saw his childhood friend Gaurav passing by.

He then asked for water from Gaurav, who refused to give him which led to the heated argument.

Irked Gaurav started beating Sagar and then pushed him on the ground and mercilessly stabbed him.

Gaurav fled the scene when people started gathering said the police.
However, the deceased was declared brought dead when he was rushed to a hospital.