Xiaomi Suspends M 8.MIUI 10 Global Beta RO8.9 Citing Bugs in Dual Apps

After releasing it for eligible smartphones earlier this week, Xiaomi on Saturday announced that it is suspending rollout of the MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM 8.8.9 due to major bugs in the Dual Apps feature. The suspension appears to be temporary and the Chinese phone maker might soon be ready with a fix, however an exact timeline has not been mentioned.
The latest global beta ROM version 8.8.9 was released with numerous bug fixes and updates for UI elements including System, Lock screen, Bluetooth, Security, and notifications.

In an update to the original forum post, a MIUI Forums administrator announced the suspension of the beta ROM. “Our developers are fixing the issue. Thanks for your understanding and support,” the updated forum post stated. Version 8.8.9 of the MIUI 10 global beta ROM comes with a fix for music player UI on the lock screen on Xiaomi phones running Android Oreo.

Apart from that, it restores missing apps on Redmi 3S, fixes the issue of System UI crash when Bluetooth is disconnected in Spanish language, and resolves the instance where the Security app stops working when charging in Russian language. A fix for the issue of blank toggles appearing in notification shade on all eligible phones has also been mentioned in the changelog.

Three other bug fixes were issued in this update – these include resolution for no notification sound in dual WhatsApp on locked and unlocked screen, fix for WhatsApp and Telegram showing double notifications in single message, and error in notification font. The ROM can be installed by going into the Updater app, only if you are already running MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM. For users running MIUI 7, 8, or 9 stable ROM, MIUI 10 beta can be installed using the fastboot method.