‘X-Factor’ Judge Simon Cowell does not want more kids

London: The famous reality TV Judge ‘Simon Cowell’ has said that he has no plans to have any more children. according to PTI reports.

The ‘X- Factor judge has turned 58 this year. Speaking to mirror.co.uk, when asked about his plans on having more children he replied: “I don’t think I will have more kids. I’m 58 and Eric is amazing.”

Cowell who shares an amazingly close relationship with his son Eric said the other day “I was talking to Cheryl about this, it’s destiny, you look at the kids and why would you want to change anything else?”

Content with Eric in his life, he said: “I spoke to Eric a week ago on the anniversary of my mum dying, and he knew without me saying anything. My life now, I see it through his eyes and the funny thing is it is so uncomplicated.”