Wreak Revenge : Jilted lover attacks girl with machetes, chilli powder

Bengaluru: A 16-year-old Brinda Kumari NS, was attacked with machetes and chilli powder by a tractor driver, Ravikumar, her jilted lover with his two accomplices,whose proposal she has rejected. Unable to take the rejection he attacked Brinda.

Brinda, the first year PU Commerce student, while she was returning home around 3 pm, she found herself overpowered by the trio. They threw chilli powder into her eyes, and cornered her and started attacking her with machetes, they nearly chopped off her hands.

Brinda fought back for 10 minutes, trying to save her face from being disfigured. Soon the crowd had been gathered, the two ran away and Ravikumar was caught and handed over to the police.

He is currently in police custody.
The girl sustained severe injuries with multiple fractures. Her hands are seriously damaged and fractured.

Brinda brought to Bengaluru and was admitted to Hosmat Hospital on Saturday. She has undergone a complex micro vascular reconstructive surgery and shifted from the ICU to the ward.

Brinda’s mother who was shocked with the incident said.”We are very scared. We belong to a very poor family.”

“Please save my daughter. She is all I have. Look at how badly her hands have been attacked. I can’t see her in this condition,” she said.