Would you wear ‘Pani Puri’ jewellery like this bride at your wedding?

You love it, you hate it but you cannot ignore it. For Indians, Pani Puri aka Gol Gappa is on either side of extremes and that is universally accepted. But a bride in Tamil Nadu took it to the next level.

Beautifully ready in her bridal attire, the bride wore a ‘Golgappa’-inspired garland and headband. The video is now viral.

In the short clip shared on Instagram by the ID, @arthibalajimakeoverstyles, the bride is seen wearing a crown made of the puris as guests surround her to witness the ritual. The caption of the video explains that the name of the bride is Akshaya and the groom’s name is Abhishek.

This is not the only thing the bride is going viral for. In another Instagram reel shared by makeup artist Arthi (@arthibalajimakeoverstyles), a relative can be seen stacking papads on the bride’s head for a smack. In the video shot in slow motion, the bride’s relative balanced a stack of papads on her head and then smashed them on her head.

These videos have received more than 4 million views while netizens comment on their love for the street food and the interesting choices for rituals.